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How to choose the right size of our shoes

A couple of simple operations to get the size to order.

How to choose the right size of our shoes


data: 15/02/2024,



Hello everyone, a couple of simple steps to easily choose the size of your shoes.

First of all, it is important to remember that in the morning, like the hands, the feet are slightly swollen and therefore larger than the rest of the day; therefore it is advisable to take the measurement in the morning as soon as you get up.

It is necessary to measure both feet and take as a reference the largest measure.

For a correct operation you need a sheet of white paper and a pen.

Put the sheet of paper on the floor, leaning it against the wall

Then place your foot on top with the heel touching the wall.

With the pen, trace the profile of the toes

Measure from the edge of the sheet the longest measure obtained.

The measure must include the actual millimeters

Compare the measurement made with the table below and get your size to order, bearing in mind that your size must be below or equal to the size to order and above the number of the relative size of the smaller number.



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