Italian Women Shoes and Sandals

Italian shoes factory design made in italy
Italian shoes factory design made in italy

Production and Italian style
Quality and attention to detail.

For almost forty years, through our network of representatives, our customers and participation in the most important trade fairs in the sector, we provide our customers with extensive research on market trends and provide an up-to-date product.

Among our collaborators a relationship of esteem and trust that lasts for decades, staff selected with experiences in various top Italian and world fashion companies, always updated to the latest fashion trends, whose mission is to create not only something beautiful, but thanks to the matured experience in the sector, something beautiful, wearable, comfortable, something that combines style, fashion, beauty with comfort and quality.

Leonardo Luzzi


Italian shoes factory design made in italy

Made in Italy

scarpe in vera pelle

Every pair of shoes is made with fine leathers, carefully selected to ensure comfort, durability and an unmatched touch of luxury. Choosing our shoes means immersing yourself in a world of superior quality, where the beauty of real leather is the undisputed protagonist.

scarpe iraliane, da noi prodotte nei nsotri stabilimenti in italia

Our passion for excellence is reflected in our production. Every pair of shoes is the result of craftsmanship, attention to detail and dedication to preserving the Italian tradition of shoemaking savoir-faire.

Italian Style

Fashion, elegance, is not everything, the Italian style is knowing how to live the Italian way, the dolce vita, enjoying the beauty and the good, has roots in the culture and history of our country.

We make shoes the Italian way, beautiful, good, to be enjoyed.

Italian shoes factory design made in italy